The Present Absence – Aleksandar Srnec
The Gallery of Old and New Masters, Varaždin, Croatia
31. May 2008 - 20. July 2008


curator: Ješa Denegri

This is a critic's selection of the artist's best works, some of which were seen on his solo (19) and group (151) exhibitions.

In the historical context, his art lives inside EXAT, and then in connection with NEW TENDENCIES, and here Srnec is, in his artistic viewpoint, is seen as an intuitive and constant experimenter.

The retrospective exhibition, put together by his admirer and collector Marinko Sudac and the notable expert Ješa Degeri show the greatness of Srnec's art. The skilful thought on artistic forms, which in the myriad of different materials and technique flow through his objects and ambients jointly titled LUMINOPLASTICS will be experienced on this exhibition.

Srnec's first "MOBIL" was created in 1964 thanks to the artist's intervention which captures the viewer's attentions with the simplicity of the mateials and techniques used, as the text author Ješa Denegri says: "Less is more, he is a forward-thinking man, who never adjusted to the mainstream institutional organizations, he chose and fought for the independent position of an artists who always stays in the status of an independent artist in a free profession, even though the type of art he created sometimes called for significant material investments and abnegation.

This exhibition is a story of a man who was safely led to art by the means of freedom, experiment, exploration, and great humane honesty.

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