Museum of Avantgarde

The Virtual Museum of Avant-Garde, based on the Marinko Sudac Collection, was created in 2009. It presents the digital database of the Collection through which you can see the overview of Avant-Garde art in the countries of former Yugoslavia structured according to authors, artworks, time periods, and geographical areas, as well as links and influences of the artists with cultural happenings and artistic centres in the region and the world. The website, beside the high-quality digitized artworks, contains biographies and bibliographies, alongside the connection of the artists with other artists, art institutions and cultural forums, as well as selected publications.

The online database show only a small part of the Collection. Speedy digitization of the material is crucial to accomplish the Museum’s main aim, which is to make it a centre for information on the regional Avant-Garde practices.

The Virtual Museum of Avant-Garde is a free online platform to research all forms of Avant-Garde art of Eastern and Central Europe, to show connection with the rest of the world, to be a place for free thought and making realisations on the relevant cultural phenomena of Avant-Garde thought and artistic doing, to be a space for creating and publishing expert materials and research on the phenomena of the Avant-Garde. In its work, the Virtual Museum of Avant-Garde managed to become a meeting point of experts and intellectuals from the region and the artists, as well as interested public who can, in one place, find many information on the Avant-Garde movement in this area.

Marinko Sudac
Branko Franceschi
Laszlo Beke
Ješa Denegri
Živko Grozdanić - Gera
Želimir Koščević
Beral Madra
Irina Subotić
Feđa Vukić