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30. July 1924 - 27. March 2010
Ex Yugoslavia

Aleksandar Srnec was born in Zagreb on July 30th, 1924.  He graduated from secondary school where he attended the painting class of the famous painter Antun Motika. In 1943 he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. During the first year of his studies with his colleagues Ivo Kalina and Ivan Picelj, he founded the Ipikas art group, named for its members’ initials. After the Second World War he spent a year at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, and in 1947 he continued his studies at the Academy, but left in 1949 before graduating.

From 1948 to 1951, together with Vjenceslav Richter and Ivan Picelj, he worked on the design of Yugoslav exhibitions and pavilions at industrial and cultural fairs in Yugoslavia and abroad (People’s Republic of Croatia Book Exhibition, Industry of the P.R. of Croatia in Zagreb, Brotherhood and Unity Highway in Zagreb and Belgrade, projects for Yugoslav pavilions at fairs in Stockholm, Vienna, and Hannover).

In 1951, together with Ivan Picelj and Božidar Rašica, he founded a group of artists and architects named EXAT 51 (for Experimental Atelier), which was active during the domination of socialist realism in the first half of the 1950s . Along with its founders, the group was soon joined by architects Bernardo Bernardi, Zdravko Bregovac, Zvonimir Radić, Božidar Rašica, Vjenceslav Richter, Vladimir Zarahović, and the painter Vlado Kristl. The basic platform of the group was the active advocating of the legitimacy of abstract art and the equal value of “pure” and “applied” art – i.e., the synthesis of all visual arts. In 1952, Srnec, Picelj, and Rašica exhibited their works at the 7th Salon des Réalites Nouvelles. The first public exhibition of this group of painters (Kristl, Picelj, Rašica, Srnec) was held in 1953 at the Zagreb Architects’ Society, and later in the same year at the Gallery of the Graphic Collective in Belgrade. Those were the first exhibitions of abstract art at public venues in the Federative People’s Republic of Yugoslavia and also the first in the entire socialist world. Aleksandar Srnec’s participation in the EXAT 51 group left a deep trace in his art and heralded a new era of Croatian contemporary art. In 1959, together with Ivan Picelj and Vojin Bakić, he exhibited his works at the Denise René Gallery in Paris, and in 1960 and 1961 at Drian Gallery in London.

In 1952 Srnec created the abstract drawing Lines, a crucial work in the development of his art. In 1953, he transferred the two-dimensional play of lines into the three-dimensional body of an object called Spatial Modulator, and in 1956 he started to experiment with mobile sculptures and reliefs. Srnec made his first reliefs in painted wood by the end of the fifties and from 1960 onwards he began working in aluminum, other metals, and plexiglass. From 1955 on, Srnec intensified his work with collage. From 1959 to 1960 Srnec was an active contributor to the Zagreb School of Animation, where he made three set designs for puppet films and, together with Dragutin Vunak, the animated film Man and Shadow (1960).

Srnec is the author of the storyboard for an abstract film about a red square, Equals Infinity (1960), which was unfortunately never produced. In 1963 he made the film Beginnings, a series of different dynamic light patterns unified into a film. The experience of working in a new medium inspired him to examine the possibilities of light in movement which, from 1962 onward, led him to explore lumino-kinetic phenomena.

The Luminoplastic ambience exhibited at the Students’ Centre Gallery in Zagreb was the first lumino-kinetic object / ambience in Croatian art. In January 1969, at an exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery (today’s Museum of Contemporary Art), Srnec exhibited the first and the second variant of Luminoplastics and created total lumino-ambiences in which light was projected from one or more sources onto structures propelled by electric motors, thus generating visual effects. He also filmed his luminoplastic objects (Luminoplastic 66). Srnec participated with the objects PSY 11 and PDY 12 in the second exhibition of New Tendencies, an international movement founded in Zagreb in 1963, and presented at the Contemporary Art Gallery. In 1973 he participated in New Tendencies 5 in Zagreb and a series of international constructivist art exhibitions. He was a participant in numerous exhibitions presenting Yugoslav art internationaly, including the 34th Venice Biennial, where he displayed kinetic plexiglass multiples propelled by electric-motors.

From 1974 to 1977 Srnec created kinetic sculptures in highly polished metal, which were exhibited in a solo show in 1978 at the Nova Gallery in Zagreb. During the same period he created square objects which housed wire structures propelled by electric motors. From the fifties to the late seventies, Srnec simoultaneously created an extensive body of works in the field of graphic design and visual communications (book layouts, posters for different purposes, visual identities, and other achievements in the area of mass public communication). Srnec’s prolific work brought him numerous awards, such as the Republic Vladimir Nazor Award for Sculpture (1969), the Josip Račić Award for Visual Arts (1971), second prize at the 1st Yugoslav Biennial of Small Sculpture in Murska Sobota (1973), a sculpture award at the 9th Zagreb Salon (1974), as well as the Grand Prix at the 3rd International Biennial of Small Sculpture in Budapest (1975). In 1999 Srnec received the Vladimir Nazor Award for lifetime achievement in the field of visual and applied art. In 2008 Srnec was awarded the Croatian Association of Visual Artists Award for Lifetime Achievement. His retrospective was organized by the Marinko Sudac Collection in Varaždin in 2008 followed by a second retrospective in 2010, inaugurating the first one man show at the new venue of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Aleksandar Srnec passed away one month after the Retrospective's closed.

essay about author


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