GORGONA 1959 – 1968. Independent Artistic Practices in Zagreb. Retrospective Exhibition from the Marinko Sudac Collection
exhibition opening: September 13 at 18 o'clock, Kassak Museum, Budapest
13. September 2019

The Gorgona group was founded according to the idea of Josip Vaništa and was active as an informal group of painters, sculptors and art critics in Zagreb since 1959. The members were Dimitrije Bašičević-Mangelos, Miljenko Horvat, ...

exhibition opening: September 12 at 18 o'clock, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
12. September 2019

The occasion for this retrospective show is that the group was founded half a century ago, as the second collective of its kind in Yugoslavia. The exhibition is organised with the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde and the Marinko Sudac Collection, from which came the majority of the exhibited works, additionally ...

Igor Grubić | ARTIST ON VACATION 2019 by Valamar
01. August 2019

Igor Grubić was born in 1969 in Zagreb, Croatia. He is an art activist ...

Josef Dabernig | ARTIST ON VACATION 2019 / Valamar
28. July 2019

Josef Dabernig was born in 1956 in Kötschach-Mauthen, Austria. He graduated in ...

Ješa Denegri, The New Art of the ’Seventies in Yugoslavia: Properties, Events and Evaluation(s) [ENGLISH]
04. July 2018

Two quotations – actually, two paragraphs taken from the wider context of some lengthier texts – summarise the principal developments in art of the 1970s:

 ‘The ’seventies were not just a decade like any other in the twentieth century, but a crucial period in which Modernism made its last original contribution, before surrendering to the various forms of Postmodernism that came into being, from the middle of the decade onwards.’ (Tomaž Brejc).

Ješa Denegri, The New Tendencies: A Quarter Of A Century Later [ENGLISH]
04. July 2018

Contemplating nowadays [1990] the artistic events which most closely linked the Yugoslav art scene to comparable developments in Europe, both from a conceptual and an organisational point of view, one cannot overlook some major dates in the early 1960’s. These dates (and events) hinge on two international exhibitions, held at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Zagreb under the titles of New Tendencies (1961) and New Tendencies 2 (1963). 

Ješa Denegri, The New Tendencies [ENGLISH]
04. July 2018

What the New Tendencies were

This somewhat imprecise term  jointly designates a series of international exhibitions staged by the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, in the following chronological order and under the following, precise tiles:  New Tendencies , 1961; New Tendencies 2, 1963, New Tendency 3, 1965; Tendency 4, 1968/69; and Tendencies 5, 1973. The alterations in the titles are slight, yet noticeable enough.

Ješa Denegri, Art and the Year 1968 [ENGLISH]
04. July 2018

In his recent text, The Year 1968 and Visual Arts, the Italian critic, Renato Barilli, said that 1968 marked one of the crucial dates in the history of contemporary art. Barilli claimed that any future consideration of art would have to refer to the situation pre-1968 or post-1968.1

Youth Forum, Subotica
1969 - 1976
Matko Meštrović - Piero Dorazio
"Studio G" - exhibitions organized by the Gorgona group
1961 - 1963