Autopsia Archive 1979 - 1989 | Other Aspects
Municipal Gallery Striegl, Sisak, Croatia
07. May 2019 - 15. May 2019


curators: Alma Trauber, Dorotea Fotivec

City Gallery Striegl hereby presents a collaboration with the Marinko Sudac Collection and the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde titled "Other Aspects / Drugi Aspekti".

This specific collaboration with the City Gallery Striegl will bring forth exhibitions of works from the Marinko Sudac Collection that point out to artists and their less known works, as well as work series, which confirm “different & other aspects“ and positions within artistic tendencies of avant-garde art forms and practices of the twentieth century, some of which are still ongoing today. By tracing the research shifts and novelties in the dialogic relationship between the artistic and anthropological practices, as well as recognizing “a common ground of where political and aesthetic goals are exchanged” (according to Francesco Marano), we will endeavor to point out the possibility of a new reading of the selected works from the Marinko Sudac Collection.

The first exhibition in the Other Aspects series will be: “Autopsia Archive 1979-1989.”

Autopsia is a depersonalized artistic project dealing with music, film/video and art production. It gathers authors of various professions in the realization of multimedia projects. Its art practice began in London in the late 1970s, and was continued in the 1980s in art centers of former Yugoslavia. Since 1990 Autopsia operates from Prague.

The Marinko Sudac Collection, based in Zagreb, includes artworks of conceptually progressive avant-garde, neo-avant-garde and postwar art and artistic phenomena that are morphologically and conceptually similar, as well as various practices of experimental art created in the period from the beginning of the 20th century until the fall of the Berlin Wall.
The heterogeneous Collection contains a large number of materials: from artistic and professional correspondence, sometimes entire archives and libraries, paintings, drawings, collages, graphics and works in other painting and graphic techniques, photographs, documentary photographs, photograms and other photographic experiments, films and experimental anti-films, to artistic concepts, projects, sketches, sculptures, objects, installations and environments. The research interest area for ​​the Collection is the territory from the Baltic to the Black Sea, with special emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe.

Exhibiting policy and practices of the Marinko Sudac Collection have, since its beginning, included unconventional spaces, alternative forms of exhibiting, and unexpected locations. The project in Sisak aims to revive the time-stuck contemporary art production and interest in it, which, despite all the social and economic difficulties, still springs from the city. Also, we believe that contemporary art and top level artworks and artists should not be centralized solely in large cities and communities, and that the artistic and didactic content should be presented where there is enthusiasm and interest for it. That is precisely why Sisak was chosen.

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