Artist on Vacation 2014
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
02. September 2014 - 08. September 2014


curator: Ana-Maria Milčić

The exhibition Artist on Vacation 2014 is part of the project of the same name, which was held in Poreč during July of this year and organized by the Institute for Researching the Avant-garde, the Collection Marinko Sudac and the Valamar Club Tamairs hotel under the auspice of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. The exhibition will present to the public this unique project.  

This year’s participants are: Gergelj Urkom (Great Britain), Dragomir Ugren (Serbia), Era Milivojević (Serbia), Andraž Šalamun (Slovenia), Sven Stilinović (Croatia), David Nez (United States of America), Igor Grubić (Croatia), Jiri Valoch (Czech Republic) and Ulay (Netherlands).

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