The manifestation of a spiral due to Y. Klein – Boris Demur, Damian Nenadić
Foto galerija Lang, Samobor, Croatia
23. September 2012 - 07. October 2015

curator: Željko Kipke

If a title of an art project begins with the phrase "Manifestation of a spiral due to..." that project can without doubt be attributed to an "old spiral painter", as Boris Demur, a Zagreb-based artist with an analytical mind, describes himself. But, to have one such performative process appear on the walls of Samobor's "Foto Lang" Gallery, you also need a photographer.

Damian Nenadić is a photographer who captures the everyday life of this painter-analytic from Zagreb. He notes and captures the moments of spontaneous actions in an apartment which long ago grew over the notion of a civil apartment, even over the notion of a kooky artist studio. In the ambient chaos - for which Demur himself will claim it's determinist chaos - amazing "spiral" seances are taking place. They would, without a doubt, be deposited in the invisible layers of painting in the artist's apartment if it weren't for the analytical eye of a photographer  who patiently categorizes the occasional extol of this older colleague.

There are two series of photographs. In the first one the Zagreb painter lays on the bed after communicating with his dead French colleague, and in the second one there is a similar order of events, expanded by a neatly made bed with a new sheet without painter's prints.  This is how his younger colleague turned one extoled situation in the medium of photography to a story of "two" lives of the Zagreb painter. Of course, with his permission. Demur's projects " Manifestation of a spiral due to Yves Klain" in Nenadić's media frame is a raw document on the private sphere of an artists who in the past made similar actions in public space. In those days, there was no mention of a spiral strategy. Today it is the focal points of the artist's interest. In Nenadić's photo series, the spirals are less in the foreground due to the strong impact of "new realism" which is dominating the apartment in Praradovićeva 37. 

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