HRT Jedno djelo - "Miljenko Horvat - Gorgonic Ground"
Croatian Radiotelevision
20. March 2019

Miljenko Horvat, travelling on the rugged and magnificent scenery of the west coast of Ireland, shoots a photo called "Gorgonic Ground". The adjective "gorgonic" here signifies belonging to a group of contemporaries who, under the name of this mythological being, gathered and were active in Zagreb at the beginning of the sixties. And as in Gorgona's mythology, at the same time, it is beautiful and frightening, and this photo at the same time exacerbates the sense of amazement and the existence of the essence. It strongly embodies what Gorgona members called the dark ingredients of Gorgon's thoughts: absurdity and emptiness.

The episode contains segments of several works from the Marinko Sudac Collection.

The episode is available on the HRTi streaming service.


Each episode brings a new story of an artworks from all fields of art: performance, installation, painting, sculpture, architecture... In the eight minutes of the show, each episode explains the specific artistic intention and it significance for today. The chosen works were created quite recently, or are considered to be "contemporary classics". They are explored by the artists themselves or explained by art critics.

authors and editors: Ana Marija Habjan and Evelina Turković

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