documentary film, director and editor Ana Marija Habjan

The name Gorgona was taken up as the name of its existance and behaviour by a group of like-minded individuals (D. Bašičević, M. Horvat, M. Jevšovar, J. Knifer, I. Kožarić, M. Meštrović, R. Putar, Đ. Seder, J. Vaništa), who created in Zagreb, from 1959 to 1966, one of the most unusual phenomena in Croatian art. The common sense of belonging to the spirit of Modernism, defined by the recognision of the absurd, emptiness and monotony as an aesthetic category, leading toward nihilism and the metaphysical irony are what today, half a century later, attracts many fans and researchers. The Gorgona group marked the Croatian art svene of the second half of the 20th century, and its members, with their artistic activity, made the crucial contribution to the development and the valorisation of Croatian contemporary art and put it in the European framework.

The documentary film was realised by the Crotian National Radiotelevision documentary program, in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb and the Marinko Sudac Collection.

Duration: 52'

director and editor: Ana Marija Habjan

camera: Mario Britvić
post-production: Damir Čučić
producer: Sunčana Hrvatin Kunić
editor of HRT documentary programme: Ninoslav Lovčević

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