Drago Dellabernardina
P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
30. March 2017 - 21. April 2017


curator:Mojca Grmek

Exhibition of works by Drago Dellabernardina is an extraordinary event because it is the first individual presentation of his works in Ljubljana. Besides the fact that he was a remarkable visual artist, he is considered one of the best solo guitarists in Slovenia and former Yugoslavia. In the years 1968-69 he was a solo guitarist in the group „Sinovi“ (Sons), after the collapse of the „Kameleon“ (Chamelion) group, he played with Danilo Kocjančič in the group „Danilo i novi kameleoni“ (Danilo and the New Chamelions). In the early seventies he was, for a short time, a member of the  „Generali“ (Generals) group (Janez Bončina - Benč, Braco Doblekar, Tihomir Asanović - Pop Carl Smith).

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