Artist on Vacation 2016
| 20 June - 10 August 2016 |
20. June 2016

Organizers: Valamar Riviera d.d., Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde, Marinko Sudac Collection

Since 2012, the Artist on Vacation project has gathered, hosted and presented to the public a number of internationally prestigious artists who belong to the period of historical Avant-gardes, as well as artists who continue the practice of radical art and further develop its aesthetics. In the summer months, Poreč becomes a vacation spot for international artists. In collaboration with Valamar Riviera d.d., the Institute for the Research of Avant-Garde and Marinko Sudac Collection artists are invited to spend a week at an exclusive hotel and vacation on the beautiful Istrian peninsula.

The fifth edition of the project brings world-renowned artists to Poreč. Among others, the project's participants this year are Lev Nussberg (Russia), Natalia LL (Poland), Katalin Ladik (Hungary), Raša Todosijević (Serbia), István Nádler (Hungary), Philip Corner (USA).

The project was created by Marinko Sudac as an extension of the activities of the Museum of Avant-Garde, the Institute for the Research of Avant-Garde and Marinko Sudac Collection. It complements the Collection’s mission, and gives affirmation to the artists in the social, cultural and artistic contexts.

The mission of the Artists on Vacation project is to show the various legacies of the original Avant-Garde movement that have developed in different countries and contexts. The entire driving force behind our project is to present the participating artists to the Croatian public.  The project is an effort to connect all the activities that aim to bring together the historical Avant-Gardes and present them to the public in a direct way, outside of an institutional environment.

As is become a tradition, during the Artist on Vacation project, there are short, exclusive exhibition which aim to present some the most significant European Avant-Garde artists. There will two exhibition in the Zuccato Gallery in Poreč in July - an exhibition of a Czech artist, curator and theoretic Jiří Valoch, and of Andrzej Lachowitz, one of the most important artists of the Polish Neo-Avant-Garde scene. The curator of both exhibitions is Ivana Janković, curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.

After the project, there will be grand exhibition in the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, where the participating artists and experts will be presented to the public though talks, interviews and photographs, and the artists' work will be shown in relation to the art they created during the 1960s and 70s.

The project is supported financially by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Tourist Office Poreč.