09. April 2011

exhibition of visual poetry from Marinko Sudac Collection

Gliptoteka HAZU

Medvedgradska 1, Zagreb

Saturday, 9.4.2011.  at 12 am

Organisation Collection Marinko Sudac


The exhibition is organized in memory of Branimir Donat (5.9.1934 - 15.4.2010), Croatia’s leading literary critic and publicist. Exhibition's two parts are devoted to the visual poetry, which was one of Donat's  most favorite personal and professional interests.
The exhibition's first part presents the artists and visual poetry found in Donat's  legacy, such as the editions and publications: Agentzia 2, Edizioni TOOL and Problemi, and artists: Heimrad Bäcker, Luciano Caruso, Steve Christl, Hans Clavinova, Bob Cobbing, Ana Eccetera, Pierre Garnier, Heinz Gappmayr, Joseph Kosuth, Lichtenauer Fritz, Jean - Claude Moineau, Timm Urlichs and Jiří Valoch - all contributors and participants of his groundbreaking anthology exhibition "Visual Poetry" organized in 1969 at the former Gallery Center in Zagreb.
The second part is the visual poetry from the Marinko Sudac Collection and presents the works of artists who created visual poetry both before and during its planetary expansion, like: Atilla Csernik, Iztok Geister Plamen, Matjaz Hanzek, Zeljko Kipke, Radovan Ivsic, Katalin Ladik, Vlado Martek, Slavko Matkovic, Marko Pogacnik, Zoran Popovic, Bogdanka Poznanovic, Josip Stosic, Tomaz Salamun and Ivan Volaric Feo.

Catalogue/literary magazine Fantom slobode (Phantom of Liberty, Durieux, 1/2011) with the texts by: Dr. Zeljka Corak - Associate member of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Science, academic Zvonko Mrkonjić, Velimir Viskovic, Branimir Donat, academic Tonko Maroevic, and Branko Franceschi


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