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25. August 1908 - 11. February 1991
Ex Yugoslavia

Eduard Stepancic (Trieste, 1908 - Belgrade, 1991) studied in Monza at the Instituto di Belle Arti (1923 -1926), in Venice at the Academia di Belle Arti (1927 -1928), and at the Academy in Florence (1929). He collaborated with Italian constructivists. Between 1926 -1929 he was a member of the August Černigoj's Constructivist Group of Trieste (A. Černigoj, T. Černigoj, Z. Lah, J. Lah, G. Carmelich and I. Poljak). During 1930-1932 he resided in Paris and lectured at the private academy at Montparnasse situated near the studio of  Ferdinand Leger. Stepancic also worked as a scenographer and illustrator. From 1931 Stepancic lived in Belgrade where he was a painter, graphic and poster artist and book design expert.