Prilozi za drugu liniju 3
collection of critical texts
September 2015

The texts included in this publication, same-titled as the two previous ones (“Prilozi za drugu liniju“, Horetzky, Zagreb, 2003. and „Prilozi za drugu liniju 2“, Macura, Beč/Beograd, 2005.), together make a chronicle of sorts, which the author wrote through-out his professional years of being an art historian and a critic. It also includes many, for various reason, never published material, mostly dedicated to certain phenomena and individuals on the Croatian art scene of the second half of the 20th century.

The published texts were written for various occasions, as catalogue texts introductions or articles in academic publications. The author's aim was to show the texts in this publication, some re-printed and some published for the first time, as a sort of a personal archive.