From Futurism To Fontana
exhibition catalogue

Futurism in the art of painting is as indispensable as future on our life journey. „Time and space died yesterday“, the Futurists say, but we do not mean to apply this statement to their work; if we did, we would never get acquainted with this precious collection of paintings. It is exactly the receding of Futurism into the past that makes it more and more significant in our eyes.

Before you there are works of great Italian artists, such as Severini, a co-signatory of the Manifesto of the Futurist Painters. As early as before WWI, he advocated in it – along with other like-minded persons – activism and expressed admiration for the technical achievements of the 20th century. It was then that Vittorio Corona painted a motorcycle transforming it into a work of art, and his colleagues decided that „beauty is speed, and the motorcycle is more beautiful than the winged goddess Nike of Samothrace“. They admired speed, dynamics, technology, unlike us who search for peace in art, the peace that we are slowly losing in nature. We shall seize this opportunity to take our time and enjoy the dynamism, that was so challenging to our ancestors, and try to imagine what kind of a collection our descendants will admire.