Circles of Interference : Marinko Sudac Collection
exhibition catalogue

Exhibition catalog published by the Kassák Museum and the Institute for the Research of the Avant-garde, at its 212 pages, in English and Hungarian, includes essays by Fedja Vukic and Vidosava Golubovic, introductions by Edit Sasvári and Branko Franceschi, color reproductions of artworks and magazines, extensive biographies of all the presented artists and the histories of the exhibited avant-garde magazine.

The exhibition Circles of Interference, a collaborative effort between Marinko Sudac Collection, Kassák Museum and Institute for the Research of the Avant-garde, is based on the exchange and cooperative work between the editors of the avant-garde periodicals MA and Zenit, two that were among the most influential in the region at the beginning of the 1920's. The exhibition covers the issues of networking and expansion of the avant-garde movement and the esthetic of Constructivism that, in between the two wars, had a strong and productive impact on the cultural life of the region. The artworks displayed and the documentation as a whole were selected from the permanent body of works from the Collection. The intention was to reveal the high artistic level of a neglected legacy of historical avant-garde movements to the public and critical eye and to place emphasis on the so far insufficiently recognized channels through witch  radical artistic practice and esthetics of the constructivists has grown to become a decisive influence on the art practices from the second half of the 20th century. In addition to the specific approach to the interpretation of dynamic artistic exchanges between Hungarian and Yugoslavian artists, the exhibition’s idiosyncrasy is in the first time ever presentation of the artworks of Travelers and Ivana Tomljenović Meller, outside the confines of former Yugoslavia.