VLADO MARTEK Exhibition with Many Titles
City Art Gallery of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
06. February 2020 - 05. April 2020


curators: Alenka Gregorič, Ksenija Orelj

The second part of the retrospective exhibition of the Croatian conceptual artist Vlad Martek (the first part of the exhibition was shown in Rijeka in June 2019) seeks to show the shifts and boundaries of artistic expression and the ways of presenting and mediating art (from poetry through media deconstruction and breakthrough into public space) since the 1970s centuries to the present.

The focus is on Martek's dual position as an artist in poets, and he is obsessively engaged in analyzing language in the roles of art.

Browse through a genre-wide section of the author's ambivalent comparison to books in written words, in which it is possible to trace everything from a fascination with the persistent potential of words to the discomfort heard by a narrow circle of book moles overlooking a delayed book. We observe how the written should be extended through space - mostly to the public space or space of other media, how to draw, paint or carve with words. Martek's language games, pictorial rebuses in pictograms have various connections with forms of communication that set social rules on headache in the net resistance against dry language use.

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