Vlado Martek: A Retrospective 1973 - 2007
Croatian Academy of Sciences and Art -Glyptotheque, Zagreb, Croatia
04. March 2008 - 04. April 2008


curator: Zdenko Rus

The retrospective exhibition of the post-conceptual and multimedia artist Vlado Martek is a grand project which, with over 500 selected works, gives a complete insight into the three and a half decades of the artist's work.

This is a retrospective of and artist who is both a poet and a visual artists, or none of those, and it was prepared for over three and a half years.

The first Glyphototeque Gallery shows the „early“ works of Vlado Martek, created from 1973 to the early 80s, where you can see Martek's minimalism and the viewpoint that poetry is impossible today, which is why the artists enters the material form of poetry.

On the second floor, there are Marteks's works from the 80s and the 90s, which show the artist’s „introduction“ to the world of metaphors and allegory, while the third gallery shows the works created from the 90s to today.

Vlado Martek pointed out that the visitors will get an insight into the „Martek case“, or the life of an artist who created work in dual media – poetry and visual arts.

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