THROUGH A FOREST WILDERNESS Aktionen im Wald. Performance, Konzeptkunst, Events. 1960 – ∞ | Wilhelmshaven
Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven + Neuenburger Holz, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
28. September 2019 - 27. October 2019


curator: Petra Stegmann

The Scottish-American naturalist John Muir recognized "The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness" in 1890 - long before artists worldwide discovered the forest as a space for themselves. Since the 1960s the art and nature relationship has entered a new phase with action art. It began an intensive, existential and physical confrontation with nature. The exhibition focuses on the existential dialogue between art and the forest. In addition to historical works from action art, minimal art and conceptual art contemporary works can be seen.

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