The 80's - Sweet decadence of postmodernism
HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia
09. April 2015 - 10. May 2015


Curators: Branko Kostelnik, Feđa Vukić

Co-curators: Krešimir Rogina(architecture), Željko Kipke (art), Suzana Marjanić (performance), Damir Fabijanić (photography), Jurica Pavičić (film), Ivica Buljan (theatre), Jagna Pogačnik and Krešimir Bagić (literature), Ana Lendvaj (fashion),Boris Dežulović (sport), Tvrtko Jakovina (historical context), Darko Macan (comics), Tomislav Brlek (rock),Marijana Grbeša, Boris Rašeta and Zrinka Vrabec Mojzeš (mass media and politics)

"80s - A sweet decadence of postmodernism" is an interesting name of the exhibition that will be held at the Home of The Croatian Association of Visual Artists from 10th of April to 10th of May 2015. Together with Branko Kostelnik and Vukić, many prominent individuals from spheres of arts and culture came up with the concept of the exhibition. It follows the era between the death of Josip Broz Tito and the beginning of the 90s, and it will make it possible to enter the world of the 80s through a story about architecture, music, movie, performance, photography, theatre and fashion. Besides the exhibition, organizers have prepared various additional activities: discussions, performances, concerts and DJ performances. 

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