Vladimir Gudac
Vladimir Gudac (Opatija, 1951): is a post–conceptual artist. His intermedia approach includes photography, video, installation and performance. He was head of the Studentski Centar Gallery from 1980 until 1990. Together with Dubravko Budic was a founding member of the activist group Tok (1972–1973). he group was among the irst in the Socialist countries that had a deined and elaborate ecological agenda.he series of posters from 1975 represent mixture of mass–media visuals dealing with the means of destruction and their consequences. hey incorporate the literary classics having the subject of war and death. A direct display of the author's anti–war attitude, appropriate to the poster medium, the series emphasizes the complex and ambiguus relationship between high culture and mass media. hese simultaneously condemn and glorify the phenomena of both individual and state-sponsored violence.