Public matters!
Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje, Slovenia
10. February 2011 - 27. March 2011


curator: Branko Franceschi

The exhibition The PublicMatters! is based on twenty years of Franceshi's work experience in various forms of public art institutions. The starting point of the exhibition represents a sense of personal frustration at the growing gap between visitors and contemporary art production, regardless if it is because of the low number of visitors (which is typical for our area), or a extreme number of visitors, which came because of the populist strategies exhibition blockbusters, or penetration by mainstream mentality in relation to the promotion of innovative, stimulating and experimental projects.

The exhibition presents ten cases of artistic, curatorial and architectural practices which criticize the status quo and affirm strategies focusing on activating and integrating public contemporary art, wanting to return the sense of meaningfulness and reasons of existence and therefore are successful, if only for a moment, to bridge the resulting gap.

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