Parallel Avant-garde – Pécs Workshop 1968–1980
Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary
14. April 2017 - 25. June 2017


curators: Attila Doboviczki, József Készman, Petra Csizek

The exhibition presents the artistic activities and draws attention to the significance of a Neo-Avant-garde artist group that used to exist on the periphery of Hungarian art scene. Until today, only a few publications are available on the history of this artist group. Members of Pécsi Műhely were labouring on renewing local Constructivist and Avant-garde traditions, as well as developing a new visual language and establishing a new visual culture. It was the Bauhaus artistic heritage they relied on as an example in their joint works. Apart from showing the most outstanding works created by members of Pécsi Műhely, the selection also gives particular attention to the display of archival documents, exhibition catalogues, correspondences, collected reflexions; and to presenting cooperation between group members.

This exhibition is organised jointly with Budapest Spring Festival.

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