Commemorating the 100 years of the "Zenit" magazine
National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, Croatia
16. March 2021


In collaboration with the Marinko Sudac Collection, a selection of publications in a display case within the chronological display of the museum collection of the Modern Gallery marks the hundredth anniversary of the publication of the first issue of the Zenit avant-garde magazine.

The Zenit avant-garde magazine was started and edited by the poet, writer and critic Ljubomir Micić (1895 - 1971), who created a magazine of original programme and poetics, national and international level and significance.
Zenit's program opposes European tradition and Eurocentrism in general, in the name of values ​​built on the assumptions of the inner renewal of man and the overcoming of external materiality by internal contents. The vision of a new and united Europe is proclaimed by a manifesto that in the 10th issue of Zenit advocates the idea of ​​its Balkanization, led by the resurrected Barbarogeni - the inner incarnation of the South Balkan man-hero, and the affirmation of cultural, archaic and primordial forms of thought and representation. Zenit thus became a program newsletter, various forms (poster editions, folio formats, catalogue, etc.) and special propaganda which, in addition to leaflets, also included the famous Zenit Evenings (Zagreb, Berlin, Munich, Paris, etc.)

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