Bucan Art
Villa Polesini, Poreč, Croatia
25. July 2014 - 26. July 2014


curator: Ana-Maria Milčić

The exhibition is part of the Artist on Vacation 2014 project. After around 40 years, Bućan's works from 1972 will be exhibited again. Through a complex joining of forms and visual standards of commercial posters, logos and traditional painting qualities, he created a series of works which in itself has become a brand - Bucan Art.

Yugoslavia in the early 70s forms the background of this series, a period of the increase in the living standard and consumerism, when the market relation oppressed the etatistic, and the county is increasing its international debt.  The unavoidable cultural influence of Pop Art in Eastern Europe, when most artistic practices of the regions gets put in the framework of Socialist Modernism, is easily seen in Bućan's disregard for the definitions of traditional painting and poster, redefinition of expressive forms of Modernism and mixing of form and content.

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