Boris Demur. Analytical workd | Art Photo Budapest presentation
Millenáris park, Budapest, Hungary / virtual
22. October 2020 - 08. November 2020


Boris Demur is one of the founders of the Group of Six Authors with whom he created "Exhibitions-actions". At the beginning of his career, he started in the field of conceptual art, and later he focused on primary painting. His works show disciplined, rational decision-making about painting procedures and execution. Numerous notes, whole notebooks, carry records of a complete focus on the process. He worked in painting, sculpture, collage, photography, performance, public action, video and installation.

The Group of Six Authors one of the significant phenomena of conceptual art in the 1970s in the former Yugoslavia (Mladen Stilinović, Sven Stilinović, Vlado Martek, Željko Jerman, Boris Demur, Fedor Vučemilović). The members of the group expressed their various conceptual practices through "Exhibitions-actions". These are the installation of artworks, actions and performances in public spaces - squares, streets, public bathing places. Another form of joint work of the group was the "Maj 75" magazine (1978-1981).

Work of Boris Demur (Zagreb, 1951 - 2014) shows discipline and rational decision-making about painting procedures and execution. Numerous notes and entire notebooks record his complete focus on the process. In his primary paintings, he examined the very nature of painting. Demur's sculpture follows his painting - it carries equal primacy, processuality, analyticity. Photography becomes sculpture, with the same physical, material, processual features – sculpture in the medium of photography.

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