Bauhaus by Ivana Tomljenović Meller
Worker's Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
11. December 2012 - 18. January 2013

The Bauhaus School of Architecture and Crafts is now more popular than ever in the last eight decades. A series of exhibitions organised in the recent years have revalorised the status of the institution which in the period between its establishment in 1919 and its closing in 1933 not only built the foundations to modern, but also to sustainable design. The Bauhaus gave a chance to put things into an aesthetic, economic, political and feminist perspective. Around forty exhibits from Marinko Sudac Collection related to the Bauhaus period of the artist, teacher and athlete Ivana Tomljenović Meller are attention-worthy precisely because they summarise its most important constituents.

The exhibition at Radnička Gallery will try to present the rarely mentioned but still key formative element of the Bauhaus aesthetics: the ideological one. In addition to the revolutionary shift on the visual level, a fact equally significant for the Bauhaus was that its students left the institution as transformed people. No other school in modern history shaped the world view of its students to that extent, which is quite evident from Ivana Tomljenović Meller’s life.

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