Artist on Vacation 2013
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
30. August 2013


The Artist on Vacation_2013 is part of the same-titled project which took place for the second time during July and August of 2013 in Croatia. It was organised by the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde and Marinko Sudac Collection, and supported by the Ministry of Culutre of the Republic of Croatia.

This year's project took place in the facilities of the hotel company Valamar, a partner of the Artist on Vacation project in 2013. On the exhibition in MSU work of 11 artists who were a part of this project and created atworks were presented.

The second edition of the Artist on Vacation by Valamar project was started by the Croatian painter and multimedia artist Željko Kipke. During his stay, he made a film "Silver, More Silver Than Silver", which is a remake of his older work from 1985.

Then a leading Romanian artist came to Poreč, Dan Perjovschi, known for his caricature-like drawings in which ha makes ironic, even cynical comments about politics and the society. Perjovschi, whil resting, made one more of his famous notebooks, which are highly acclaimed and had become a desirable museum artefact in the collection of famous museum institutions in the world. His diary from Poreč contains around a hundred drawings in which the artists besides some notes from the beach, depictions of sun-bathers and other notes, alludes also to Croatia's political context, its Communist past and European present and future.

In the third week, pioneers of Eastern-European concept art visited: Rudolf Sikora and Zdisław Sosnowski, and in the fourth week provocative Russian artists - the Siberian group Blue Noses and the controversial artist and curator Oleg Kulik. All those internationally recognized artists became famous by their radical and critical stance towards society, foremost towards Russia in the transition period.

Oleg Kulik gained world recognition by a series of performances in which, by taking on a role of a dog, he used irony to shoe the treatment and the experiences of Eastern-European artists on the West and in their homelands. We was chained to a dog-house, arrested for physical attact and bitting visitors who transgressed the highlighted warnings or because of forbidding them to enter the exhibition. In the seventies, Kulik became an icon for problematic processes of merging contemporary art of Europe's East and West. He also exhibited in 1999 in Zagreb's Artist's Association on an exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art on which he did a performance "White Man, Black Dog", which brought about a slough of reactions, foremost by animal rights activists.

Blue Noses were founded in 1999, and they are based in Novosibirsk, and the name in English refers to the Puritans, or people who think they have a right to say how other people should behave in private.  In their provocative performances and multimedia works they often include friends, relatives and family, which by default demystifies the elitism of the artists's positions.
Eric Anderson, Marko Pogačnik, Živko Grozdanić, Balint Szombathy, and Benjamin Patterson  created works during their stay on the project in August: Eric Anderson_Half the available, Marko Pogačnik_Introductory Reseach for a litopunktural project Istria before Istria, Balint Szombathy_Mapping History.

Eric Anderson (born in Antwerp in 1940) is a member of early Fluxus. He was a part of the 1962 Fluxus festival in Copenhagen. Benjamin Patterson (born in Pittsburgu in 1934) was a part of early Fluxus festivals.

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