A Collection for the Future / Acquisitions, 2009 - 2019
Museum of Contemporary Art, Croatia
11. December 2019 - 30. June 2020


curator: ​Nataša Ivančević

In celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s new building and location, an exhibition of over 200 donated and purchased artworks is displayed. Since its modest beginnings in 1954, the museum has since been researching, collecting and presenting to the public over 3000 works that represent the phenomena of contemporary art. The last major acquisition exhibition was held in 2009.

The Marinko Sudac Collection donated nine works to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Those works are by the members of the OHO group - an installation and drawing by David Nez, and installations by Marko Pogačnik, Milenko Matanović, and Matjaž Hanžek.

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