1. otvorený ateliér 1970 – 2020
Galéria 19, Bratislava, Slovakia
19. November 2020 - 20. December 2020


curators: Rudolf Sikora

The exhibition commemorates the 50th anniversary of the legendary event of the alternative art scene, which took place in the house of Rudolf Sikora on Tehelná Street in Bratislava on November 19, 1970.

The 1st open studio was a speech against the limitation of exhibition possibilities and was characterized by the presentation of alternatives to the traditional form of a hanging painting and a classical sculpture, as a result of the development of progressive tendencies in the sixties and foreshadowing events in the following decade.

It was attended by 19 artists of various generations, who did not resign in the difficult conditions of the coming normalization but were able to preserve the freedom of creation and the spirit of cooperation, which are still current timeless values.

An accompanying catalogue will be published for the exhibition, recording the authors' memories.

Artists: Milan Adamčiak, Peter Bartoš, Václav Cigler, Robert Cyprich, Milan Dobeš, Igor Gazdík, Viliam Jakubík, Július Koller, Vladimír Kordoš, Ivan Kříž-Vyrubiš, Otis Laubert, Juraj Meliš, Alex Mlynárčik, Marián Mudroch, Rudolf Sikora, Ivan Štěpán, Dezider Tóth, Miloš Urbásek, Jana Želibská

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