Pamphlet Against Gorgona
294 x 211 mm
pencil, paper

A Pamphlet against Gorgona

I hate you Gorgona, for you hide your face for both sides of the world and with the world, and the mask of that petrified smile she reserved for herself
Your petrified mask watches us glaringly by day and night
      2      3        1
for no reason smiling.
Your motto name is: SECRET.
Your meaning is: A PUZZLE
Your kindness towards the faithful: IMPUDENCE
Your indifference for everything: A LIE IMPOTENCE PAI IMPOTENCE
Your stability during change: PERFIDY
Your only strength: CHALLANGE
Your ivory tower: NONSENSE
I hate your hands
Your activity: PETRIFIED
Your female origin: SNAKE
I hate Your Your hands on Your cheeks hide mine, for they hide the secret of your emptiness.
I hate you for you are always the beginning.
I hate you for you are always the ending.
I hate you for you are shameless
I hate you for you pretend constantly pretend to be ashamed.