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1967 - 1988
Ex Yugoslavia

Nusa was born in Jesenice in 1943 and her partner Sreco, in Spodnji Hrastnik in 1944. Nusa earned her degree in Pedagogy and Sociology at the University of Ljubljana. Sreco earned his degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, where he completed his postgraduate studies under prof. Zoran Didek. In 1971 Sreco attended a class in New Media in London. Between 1967 and 1988 Nusa and Sreco worked together artistically as a couple. In 1969, they filmed the first video in the former Yugoslavia (White Milk of White Breasts). During 1968-1969 they participated in the work of OHO. Their beginnings belong to reizm, arte povera, conceptualism, contextualization of language, installation, and usage of new technologies, film and video. Since 1998 Nusa has lived and worked as an independent video artist in Ljubljana. Sreco Dragan has lectured  at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana since 1989, where he is a professor of video and new media. His latest art practice is focused on net-video, Internet art installations and computer animation.