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24. June 1940
Ex Yugoslavia

Vladimir Petek (Zagreb 1940–2003): is one of the great names of the Croatian experimental cinema. His involvement with photography begins in 1954, with ilm in 1957. He completed more than 130 ilms. He had received over 80 prizes and 120 diplomas. He held the degree of the master of ilm from 1964. His experimental ilms, made between 1960 and 1962, initiated the debate “Anti–ilm and Us” which eventually led to the launching of the GEFF Festival of the Experimental Film. Petek was member of its organizational committee. He is also the author of the Zag camera group and founder of FAVITA (Film, a/v investigation, TV, 1971). Within the latter project and its collaborators, je produced more than 80 multimedia works, primarily involving multiplied and simultaneous screenings of ilms or slides. Petek assembled his irst ilm from rejected and recycled materials; onto these he applied the editing touches such as direct intervention of the tape (cutting, coloring) or the synchronizing of synthetic sounds. Film Doe No. 1 (1962) was a painting intervention and drawing animation applied directly to the 16 mm ilm tape. Meeting (1963) is a visual segment combining several formats and methods of direct application on the tape. Petek’s experiments with the multiplied screen involved the simultaneous, multi–channel screenings rotating around their axis at full 360 degrees.