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17. May 1924 - 24. March 2018
Ex Yugoslavia

Josip Vaništa was born in 1924 in Karlovac. He graduated from the class of painter Marino Tartaglia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1950. From 1951 he was a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. Vaništa was one of the founders of Gorgona. The themes and expression of his oeuvre evidenced the penetration of the new sensitivity in the Croatian art. His works were inspired by the mystery of light, leading him from figurative to abstract painting. In the end, the victory of light was summarized in a silver line on a white background. After the 1970, Vaništa revisited realistic and figurative poetics, resulting in his most famous watercolor series. Vaništa is a painter, illustrator, book and mise-en-scène designer as well as the author of several books and collections of essays.

essay about author