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16. December 1921 - 20. May 1985
Ex Yugoslavia

Bernardo Bernardi (1921, Korčula – 1985, Bol) is one of the most notable Croatian designers and architects and a member of the EXAT 51 group.

He graduated from the Architecture Department at the Technical Faculty in Zagreb in 1948, where after he worked shortly in the Planning Chair. He spent the years 1956 and 1957 in Paris on a study trip, and in later years went to Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and then to the USA.

Bernardi is one of the key names in Croatian industrial design. He is credited as one of the establishers of the Croatian Designers Association (1985), as well as ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts) (1957) and the Zagreb Design Centre (1964). Bernardi titled one of the most important architectural magazines in the region – Čovjek i prostor.

He created furniture for industrial production (school or office furniture). He made several architectural projects such as the Zagreb Open University (1961), Maestral hotel, Brela (1965), Marko Polo hotel, Korčula (1960) and others, including several public and private buildings.

In 1951, Bernardi became part of the EXAT 51 group. EXAT 51 (an abbreviation of the name Experimental Atelier, with 1951 as the year of founding the group) is a kind of working community composed of painters, architects, urban planners, graphic and industrial designers, set designers and art educators, gathered to "synthesize" all these disciplines, which is in line with the spiritual and ideological heritage of the Bauhaus and the Russian avant-garde. The members were: Bernardo Bernardi, Zdravko Bregovac, Zvonimir Radić, Božidar Rašica, Vjenceslav Richter, Vladimir Zarahović, Vlado Kristl, Ivan Picelj and Aleksandar Srnec. They presented themselves to the public with the Manifesto published in Zagreb in December 1951.