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Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt (1932, Wurzen) is an artist most known for her work in visual poetry and mail art.

She refers to her visual poetry, written on a typewriter, as "typewritings". Wolf-Rehfeldt often sent her works for various collaborations to artists worldwide. She started her art practice in the 1970s, self-taught and employed as a typist. She shows interest in semiotics and concrete poetry in these studies of signs and combinations of letters, symbols and visual forms. The format and type of works often sent as mail art, allowed her to communicate, exchange ideas and exhibit in both the East and the West, as well as the Non-aligned countries.

Born in East Germany, she moved to Berlin in 1950. Her husband is the artist Robert Rehfeldt. They had a studio on Mendelstraße, in East Berlin’s Pankow, which became a meeting place for the local and international art community. Their network of contacts includes György Galántai and Endre Tót in Hungary; Milan Knižak and Jiří Valoch in Czechoslovakia; Pawel Petasz, Waclaw Ropiecki and Tomasz Schulz in Poland; Andrej Tišma, Dobrica Kamperelić and Nenad Bogdanović in Yugoslavia.*

She stopped her artistic practice in 1989, coinciding with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

* Anne Thurmann-Jajes, Robert Rehfeldt and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt. Their GDR-Based International Network, setup4, no. 1, 2013.