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Ex Czechoslovakia

Desider Tóth (Vyčapy–Opatovce, Slovakia, 1947) is a post–conceptual artist whose personal poetics developed under the inluence of visual poetry and Fluxus. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, but instead of following conventional academic career he was drawn to theatre, ilm and literature. Together with Dušan Genčer in 1966 he established POMIMO theatre and has performed for many years in various museums. From 1970 he was close to the circle of artists grouped around the alternative gallery “1 Open Studio” of Rudolf Sikora. he artistic nomadism of Desider Toth encompasses a broad exploration of the relationship between language and image realized through drawings, land art, photography, performance, happening and installations. In his lat in Bratislava, in 1976, he helped organize working meetings of artists that he named Deposits and he also sets up various exhibitions. After 1977 the Hungarian police had banned the meetings. In 1991, together with several col- leagues, he establishes Group A–R (Avance–retard). he irst oicial retrospective of his work was held in 1994 in the National Gallery, Banska Bystrica.