Dimitrije Bašićević's influence on Vlado Martek

As a person “who had more than one life”, Mangelos has “left strong impression “ on Martek. He was, an a strange way “a pseudo-tutor, in other words, the tutor who always said right things with severe irony.”They collaborated at the time of the Group of Six, when Mangelos worked at the Gallery of Contemporary Art and communication continued after that period. After Martek`s solo exhibition at the Podroom Gallery, Mangelos was intrigued with the radical works of the young artist, like I renounce a methaphore, I renounce an idea, and decided to take them to his home to observe them in detail. In the text, written for Martek`s graphic map I will not!, Mangelos "has digged the Case Martek", at the same time showing and declaring himself. Although, at the beginning Martek thought it is strange to use 70 per cent quotation in text, he later understood it is an exellent work. After numeros conversations, Martek got to know Mangelos` art and realized "Mangelos is also an author somewhere between painting and word and that his parctice in some segments resembles Martek`s ". That even more contributed to the close relationshep between the two artists.