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1926 - 2015
Ex Yugoslavia

Mihovil Pansini (Korčula, 1926), was a Physician (1953), Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (1960), and University professor at the Faculty of Medicine (1979). Pansini was listed in the History of Croatian Cinematography as director / author of twenty well-known and award-winning amateur movies (1953 -1991). During the first ten years of his work in film, he focused on the theme of powerlessness. Since 1963 he has been exploringthe language of film. Pansini is one of the founders of the Festival of Experimental Film (GEFF 1963 -1970), a film critic and theorist (since 1952) for magazines, radio, television and the Film Encyclopedia (1986 - 1990). For the Photo & Film Association of Croatia he wrote the book "Amateur Film Techniques and Creativity" (1959).  Pansini has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy since 1978, where he teaches the multisensory perception of space using "spatial grammar" to bring the world, events, thinking and language, including film, down to the same form and principles.