"The Bosch + Bosch group and the Vojvodina neo-avant-garde movement" Exhibition Opening at the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels
20. November 2020

Although the current restrictions in Belgium, which came into force on 2 November and will remain in force until 13 December, do not allow for the opening of the exhibition in a physical sense, the institute, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the virtual space is preparing with a series of exciting programs.

Following the welcoming words of Zsófia Villegas-Vitézy at the 7 pm virtual opening on November 19, Ambassador Tamás Iván Kovács will give a speech, followed by a presentation by Júlia Fabényi, director of the Ludwig Museum via Zoom.

This will be the first joint collaboration in the life of the two institutions, the first time that a relatively recent exhibition, presented in LUMU at the end of 2019, ensurng the approach of the Brussels Institute, will be exhibited in Brussels.

After the discourses, Bálint Szombathy, one of the still-active members of the group, will carry out his performance. The virtually guided exhibition and the tour will also take place with the participation of Bálint Szombathy.

In connection with the exhibition, the organizers created and dreamed of several virtual events that are different from the traditional and are able to keep the audience engaged.

On 26 November, a video conference and discussion will take place, with Dorotea Fotivec, curator of the exhibition and of the art Institute for the research of the avant-garde in Zagreb. Following the presentation, the audience has the opportunity to ask questions to the speaker.

On 3 December, those interested can watch a full-length documentary about the group's work. Nikola Milošević's film comprehensively breaks down and scans the Yugoslav and especially the context Vojvodina. The film also features Hungarian artists such as Katalin Ladik and Bálint Szombathy who form the backbone of the group.