Poetry and Performance. The Eastern-European Perspective / Wroclaw Contemporary Museum
30. March 2020

Last week the exhibition Poetry and Performance. The Eastern-European Perspective was scheduled to open at the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum in Poland.

Due to the current COVID-19 virus pandemic, there was no opening, but the organisers prepared a virtual guide through the exhibition.

You can access the guide via this LINK.

We hope that the situation will be resolved soon but until then #stayhome.

The Marinko Sudac Collection loaned works by: Bogdanka Poznanović, Slavko Matković (The Bosch+Bosch Group), László Szalma (The Bosch+Bosch Group), Naško Križnar (OHO Group), Nuša & Srečo Dragan, Jiří Valoch.

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