NEO DADA – GORGONA | Absurd Freedom, Marinko Sudac Collection
Exhibition announcement
05. December 2015


Absurd Freedom

Marinko Sudac Collection

Galerie Thalberg

Rämistrasse 38, 8001 Zürich

4. 2. 2016. – 11. 3. 2016.

Thalberg Gallery in collaboration with the Marinko Sudac Collection and the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde is organising an exhibition „NEO DADA – GORGONA / Absurd Freedom“.

The exhibition is organized on the ocassion of the 100 years of Dada. Dada was created in 1916 in Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich as a form of rebellion against all forms of art and conventions of the day. It's characterized by intentional irrationality, denouncement of the then standards in art, non-sense, shock, and audience provocation.

The exhibition at the Thalberg Gallery will give a retrospective look on the activities of the art group Gorgona, the most important and influential Neo-Avant-Garde group of the region, whose members were Julije Knifer, Josip Vaništa, Đuro Seder, Marijan Jevšovar, Ivan Kožarić, Miljenko Horvat, Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos, Matko Meštrović, and Radoslav Putar.

A notable art historian Ješa Denegri is in charge for the exhibition concept. Denegri authored the most comprehensive monograph on the Gorgona group which will be published as part of a project by the  Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde and Marinko Sudac Collection. 

The Thalberg Gallery specialises in modern and contemporary art with a specil focus on Post-War art.  The Thalberg Gallery is one of the most notable galleries in Zürich, located in the very heart of the city, next to Kunsthaus and Schauspielhaus.

You can find out more about the gallery here:

WIth the „NEO DADA – GORGONA / Absurd Freedom“, the Marinko Sudac Collection and the Institute for the Research of Avant-Garde join the rich programme of activities connected to this important anniversary of Dade, on a very special place, it's place of birth, in Zürich.