21. May 2020

Nanda Vigo (b. 1936, Milano) is an artist and designer, working in an interdisciplinary approach with art, design, and architecture. Since 1959 she was close to Lucio Fontana and the artists around the Azimut Gallery in Milan (Piero Manzoni, Enrico Castellani, Vincenzo Agnetti). She was in close contact with the artists of the Zero group, who showcased her works as well, and she curated the notable Zero avantgarde exhibition in Fontana's Milan studio in 1965. Her more recent designs have stemmed from the exploration of light and space, focusing on sensory impulses through materials such as glass, mirrors, and neon lights.

For the project, Nanda Vigo sends us a video from her studio, where she now spends most of her time, and her thoughts on the global situation: "Before the lockdown, I lived between Milan and West Africa.

 If you need to set up a tent, maybe in view of a small sandstorm, you will do everything to withstand the freezing hours of the night, and you will look for the comfort of a warm sleeping bag and a flask of tea. That's how I learned to build myself as an island. An island that I could build in any part of the world.

Here now in my Studio, where I live and work, unfortunately, there is no African light, but I must say that there are beautiful sunsets from the window of my balcony that I have obviously decorated with many flowers. I mean that with a bit of imagination, everyone can build their own 'never-never land'.

Nanda Vigo, 05/20"

* Nanda Vigo passed away on May 16, 2020, only days after she sent her contribution for the project.

The video is realised by Marco Poma and © Archivio nanda Vigo, Milano.

Artists Respond project was started by the Institute for the Research of the Avant-Garde and the Marinko Sudac Collection. Addressing the current global pandemic, the project aims to virtually present the thoughts and attitudes of neo-avant-garde artists, their energy and the message they have for the present moment. This is the moment in which the world as we know it is on hold and the moment in which we need optimism and solidarity more than ever. We wish for the public to welcome the creative energy of these artists - artists who are ready to point out the state of things, to respond with art and creativity, as they have done in all difficult times in the past.

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