Virtual Museum of Avant-garde Art presented at Sinopale 3 , August, 14 – September, 4, 2010
14. August 2010

3. International Sinop Biennial, Sinop, Turkey

During the Biennial Virtual Museum of Avant-garde Art is presented on the interactive working station installed at the former Sinop Penitentiary

Branko Franceschi gives a lecture on the Avant-garde movements in former Yugoslavia

Sinop has the characteristic of an isolated port city which has existed throughout ages.  It has a loaded history and a loaded memory. The existence of a penitentiary where some of the prominent intellectuals of that period had to do time and its impacts is part of the collective memory of the city. Sinop has various disconnected structures in its fabric; historical buildings dating to various eras, workers who made a living in the American base and formed satellite cities… Sinop is isolated as an eastern bloc area yet positions itself within western alliance, it has once been a centre for intense weapon trade.  Due to its geopolitical position the inhabitants of Sinop were/are engaged in contradictory political engagements. Black Sea region is a transit area between the geographical Europe and the political Europe where historical conflicts still take place. Actual energy policies and ecological problems which can be assessed in their historical context set this city in the agenda of current politics.

Sinopale 3 will deal with the artistic, creative works related to the expression of the “hidden memory” together with contrasts such as the “choice of the inhabitants” and the “choice of the governors” in integrity on “city, district, individual” basis. Through workshops, exhibitions, performances where “proposals for the future” will be discussed, Sinopale 3 attempts to make artists, designers, architects, cultural managers, tradesmen, local governors, educators, inhabitants and viewers cooperate at intellectual and operational level and work in a “participative-interactive” way.
Works that will be produced within the scope of Sinopale 3 will be displayed at various indoors and outdoors spaces at the city centre and some districts.
(from the Sinopale 3 press release)