Marinko Sudac's initiative to install Ivan Kožarić's sculpture „Name It As You Like“, 1971, announced
02. August 2010

Ivan Kožarić

Name It As You Like,


Marinko Sudac’s initiative in accordance with the already recognized strategy of the Virtual Museum of Avant-garde Art and the Institute for the Research of the Avant-garde, is questioning the politics of selection and display of public sculpture in Zagreb and advocates for the integration of the works of radical art practices in the urban structure of Croatian cities. The concept of the sculptures which radically transform the predictable notion of the function and form of public sculpture such as the anthological 'Call it How You Like' by Ivan Kožarić, even forty years after its publication, the unambiguous status of its creator and the verification of our avant-garde art as the internationally most acknowledged segment of the national art scene, remains beyond the horizon of official interest and public accessibility. The initiative points to a number of outstanding artists and artworks that haven’t been realized within the urban tissue that has generated them, and in which spiritual space they still exist as yet unsurpassed interpellations on the role of art and artists in their universal opposition to the dominant cultural and political structures.