28. March 2010

Alekandar Srnec has passed away on March, 27. 2010 aged 86. Srnec was one of the region’s most intriguing and significant artists of the XX century. He was one of the founders of the art group EXAT 51, fighting for the abstract art and synthesis of all the art disciplines during the era of soc-realism. Together with Vlado Kristl, Ivan Picelj and Božidar Rašica, Srnec has participated at the first exhibition of abstract art in Yugoslavia held at the Croatian Society of Architects in Zagreb in 1953. Together with Ivan Picelj and Vojin Bakić in 1959 he has exhibited at the cult gallery Denise René in Paris and in 1960 and 1961 at Drian Gallery in London. During 60-ties Srnec has participated in the international movement Nove Tendencije (New Tendencies) established in Zagreb in 1961. In 1964 Srnec has executed his first mobile sculpture. In 1967 his solo show at Zagreb’s Student Center Gallery presented his and Croatia’s first lumino-kinetic objects which have established him as one of the most progressive artists of the era. During his entire career Srnec was making experimental films and has collaborated with the Famous Zagreb School of Animation, where in 1960 thanks to the collaboration with Dragutin Vunak, he has realized animated film “Man and the Shadow”. He has designed numerous posters, advertisements, books and book covers.


Aleksandar Srnec was born on July, 30, 1924 in

Zagreb. He has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Srnec has been awarded with two national awards for life achievement: Vladimir Nazor Award in 1999 and Croatian Association of Visual Artists Award in 2008.


Aleksandar Srnec’s retrospective was organized in 2008 in Varaždin, followed by its presentation at the new building of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb in 2010.