date/timeJune 2016
Katalin Ladik | Artist on Vacation 2016
30 June - 6 July 2016
30. June 2016

Katalin Ladik was born in 1942 Novi Sad, Serbia. 

Artist on Vacation 2016
| 20 June - 10 August 2016 |
20. June 2016

Since 2012, the Artist on Vacation project has gathered, hosted and presented to the public a number of internationally prestigious artists who belong to the period of historical Avant-gardes, as well as artists who continue the practice of radical art and further develop its aesthetics. In the summer months, Poreč becomes a vacation spot for international artists. In collaboration with Valamar Riviera d.d., the Institute for the Research of Avant-Garde and Marinko Sudac Collection artists are invited to spend a week at an exclusive hotel and vacation on the beautiful Istrian peninsula.

István Nádler | Artist on Vacation 2016
June 20 - June 27 2016
20. June 2016

István Nádler was born in 1938 in Visegrád, Hungary.