Answers to the ad in Zagreb's Daily newsapers for the props for the "Infinite Walking Stick / In Honour of Manet" installation
299 x 211 mm
ink, collage, paper


Zagreb 12./10
Dear Sir,
I read in the Večernji list that you would like to buy a Top hat (Headgear) and Walking stick. black. please come to my place to check out the goods
The hat is as good as new. you will be pleased with it
the hat is black.
I am home on Tuesday. You can come from 8 o'clock until 11 h.
I am not at home in the afternoon.
address of mine
I have a top hat 1.000 din
black walking stick. gloves to sell.
ask: Masarykova 7.IInd on the left
To your esteemed note I reply, that I possess a top hat, as well as a bowler hat to sell. So too a black walking stick. Ask and look.
Masarykova 7.IInd on the left
from 10h — 14h