Answer to the Collective Work
295 x 212 mm
typed text, paper

Reflecting on our last task, I am free to suggest to you the following solution:
Collective work is impossible to do.
Certainly, therefore, we should attempt to do this magnificent creation of the mind and in order to obtain general benefit.
To do our sublime latter task and reach our aim, we are to do our collective task without any apparent collaboration.
On the thorny path towards reaching the said goal, we should forget about any utility, and by no means should we count on anybody's gratitude or eventual praise.
The fruit of our collective endeavour will certainly benefit from something that we will contribute completely freely in the sense of originating as going towards our higher interests. That is: along with all the differences meeting in a focus, they will tend to return to their origins using the same trajectory.
Any discrepancy or apparent incomprehensibility of the whole, as well as its irrationality, will be credible evidence to us that the impossibility has been overcome in the only possible way, that is, its best and most important feature will have been preserved.
In Zagreb, February 17, 1863.
John Doe