13 Instruction on How to Read the Draft
299 x 210 mm
paper, ink

​13 instructions on how to read the Draft

1. What is known as art: this is the only and exclusive field of Gorgona's interest.
2. Let us call it Gorgona's subject. It is devoid of any psychological, moral or symbolical meaning.
3. Gorgona stands for the absolute transience in art.
4. Works in an unfinished condition, before they obtain their final verbal or optical function, do not lose their formal similarity.
5. Gorgona does not seek artwork or result in art
6. Gorgona thought is serious and spare, it draws back before the deep-rooted habits of living.
7. It is permanently suspicious of excessive clarity.
8. Should we be afraid to state that it rose naturally.
9. It does not flee from the world limited to what is human. It flees from itself.
10. It evaluates according to the situation.
11. Its aspirations pass from essence to illusion.
12. It is contradictory.
13. Gorgona is defined as the sum of all possible interpretations.